BAR RESCUE - Bar 3D Animation, Line Art (Cinema 4D & After Effects)

BAR RESCUE - Over the course of the series, one bar per week in cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, and Philadelphia are reborn under the watchful eye of Jon Taffer. One of the country’s top restaurant and bar consultants, Taffer delves into every business facet of running a bar, from creating a profitable drink/food menu, to music selection, to managing crowds as well as dealing with disgruntled employees. Taffer leaves no stone unturned in his efforts to revitalize the venues in Bar Rescue. Turning traditional Irish pubs, biker hangouts and karaoke bars into billiards clubs, surf barbeque restaurants and whiskey taverns is just a sampling of the transformations that take place under Taffer’s supervision.




BIG FAT TRUTH - Show opener, Graphics, Lower Thirds (Cinema 4D & After Effects)


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